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THOB will put you on the path of personal growth to live a genuine life so that you can mirror that success on social media! 


Educating a new breed of Bloggers

Creative goals with luminary instructors are reasons our unique courses are so empowering.

We want to be here for you every step of the way. Our guest educators and consultants will work with you to take you to the next step on your exciting journey.

About Us


Our Mission

To create intense and educational social media blogging and vlogging courses based on real life experiences to enlighten our newest generation.

We aim to guide, aid and educate our youth on how to wisely immerse themselves into all social media platforms without disconnecting from the fundamental human element.

It is extremely important that we all step in and become involved and stay informed on this future way of life so that we can prevent our adolescents from being affected or influenced by these apps and sites negatively. 

In today’s date and society there’s not a single person who is not familiar with Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and the like but know that there are so many other applications that are meant to connect yet in most cases disconnect our youth from essential daily interaction. 

Teaching our future generations to effectively take advantage of these tools in a responsible manner would produce a more efficient, sensible and productive member for our community.  
A student that chooses to use any of these platforms after our course would likely use them for the greater good and in turn pass on their positive ideals and ethical life and blogging habits to their piers. 


Basics in blogging and vlogging / Curriculum:

  • How to create a basic social media platform and guide traffic 
  • Education in global topics in all sectors and ways to incorporate them sensibly 
  • Personal growth courses in beauty, fashion, ethics, modesty, courtesy, grammar and self esteem.
  • Ways to utilize cyber platforms for business and lucrative gain
  • How to identify best apps for self growth and social media building 
  • Private courses with guest speakers, educators, local influencers and business leaders
  • Physical health instructors and nutritionists to promote mental and physical health 

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General Information

Classes starting soon /  Registration Open
Please send your information request via this site so we may provide you a copy of the registration form.  If you are not 18 years old then we are happy to provide all information to a parent or guardian personally at our offices, by direct phone call or via email.

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